28 May

(4pm - 7pm)

4:00 pm Opening speech "Setting the scenes - Frames"
Karin Fischer, Co-founder and Board member Emotion Network
Paola Pica, Deputy Economy editor and L'Innovazione editor Corriere della Sera 

4:20 pm Fireside chat "The 2%: digging into venture capital funding for women"
Annastasia Seebohm Giacomini, CEO Brilliant Minds Foundation
Anu Duggal, Founding partner Female Founders Fund

4:40 pm Conversation "Acceleration speed, the new challenge"
Carlo Gualandri, CEO Soldo, dialogues with Paola Pica

4:55 pm Keynote speech "Humanity & AI: forging connections in a digital age"
Lorenzo Thione, 
Entrepreneur, Broadway producer and Investor in New York

5:15 pm "Europe and innovation: a difficult relationship"
Alec Ross
, Author, Professor & Entrepreneur

5:20 pm "Leaders at the forefront of change"
Giacomo Barigazzi, Co-founder, Axyon AI
Gianluca Cocco, Co-founder & CEO, Qomodo
Stefania Di Bartolomeo
, founder & CEO, Physis Investment 
Imane Marouf
, Founder & CCO, Ecosmic
Matteo Masserdotti
, CEO & founder, Viceversa
Doris Messina, CEO & founder, Tot Money
Federica Pasini, CEO & Co-Founder, Hacking Talents
Moderated by Amy O'Brien, Freelance journalist and writer

6:20 pm Keynote speech "Building a better tomorrow"
Fabrice Grinda, Founding Partner at FJ Labs 

6:35 pm "Rebel Brains for an autism-friendly world"
Michela Paparella, CEO of Kulta, Co-founder and General Manager of the Innovative Startup Nello Spettro
Gianluca Nicoletti
, Journalist, Writer and President of Fondazione Cervelli Ribelli
Introduction by Karin Fischer

6:45 pm Keynote speech 
"Disrupting with dignity: Mother Teresa's guide to transformative tech"
Ruma Bose, Entrepreneur, Impact Investor, and Author

7:00 pm Closing remarks: Paola Pica

From 7:00 to 9:00 pm, all speakers and summit attendees are invited to join the networking cocktail on the terrace (1st floor) of the Triennale Design Museum.


29 May

(9.30am - 6pm)


9:30 am Opening speech by Mattia Mor, Founder and CEO Emotion Network

9:50 am Opening speech by Daniele Manca, Journalist and Deputy Director Corriere della Sera

10:00 am Keynote speech "Shifting markets & minds: where purpose meets profit"
Caryl Stern, Chief Impact Officer at LionTree

10:15 am Roundtable "Liquidity, longevity, legacy: family wealth across generations"
Bernardo Bertoldi
, Professor of Family Business Strategy
Beatriz Martin Jimenez, Head Non-Core & Legacy and President EMEA, UBS Group AG
Giovanni Ronca, Head of Wealth Management Italy, UBS Group

Moderated by Stefania Pinna, Journalist, Sky TG24

 10:45 am "Feeding innovation, fueling sustainable futures" 
Angelo Moratti, Founder, Chairman and anchor investor of Milano Investment Partners Sgr, dialogues 
KR Sridhar, Founder, chairman, and CEO of Bloom Energy
Ken Meyer, Entrepreneur, Former EVP of Operations Whole Foods Market

11:05 am Keynote speech "The power of manifestation"
Marco Perego, Artist, Producer and Film Director


12:00 pm Conversation "AI, creating an Italian champion"
Valeria Sandei
, CEO Almawave, dialogues with Alessia Cruciani 

12:15 pm Keynote speech "Faster markets… better markets?"
Davide Serra, Founder & CEO Algebris Investments

12:30 pm Conversation "The era of industrial AI"
Roberto Bosisio, Managing Director and Partner The Boston Consulting Group, dialogues with Valentina Iorio

12:45 pm Keynote speech "On the frontier of innovation: the centrality of governance in artificial intelligence"
Stefano Ciurli, Head of Global Services Enel Group

1:00 pm LUNCH

2:30 pm Fireside chat "The future will be storied: How legacy brands can own the future"
James Vincent, Founder & CEO FNDR, dialogues with Hélène Zaugg, Chairman of Motul 

2:50 pm Keynote speech "From Anchovies to Algorithms: AI and the new learning Renaissance"
Giuseppe Tomasello, VP of AI of Docebo

3:05 pm Fireside chat "Emotions and technology faithful companions on a passionately human journey"
Brunello Cucinelli, Executive Chairman & Creative Director, Brunello Cucinelli S.p.a
Howard Schultz, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Starbucks
Moderated by Paola Pica

3:35 pm Keynote speech "Arthur Compton, Oppenheimer's friend who saw the future"
Gabriella Greison, Physicist, writer, actress, science publicist


4:15 pm Conversation "From businesses to national system"
Giovanni Tamburi, Founder, Chairman and CEO of T.I.P., dialogues with Daniele Manca

4:30 pm Roundtable "Values metrics for venture capital"
Davide D'Arcangelo, CEO Next4 and Secretary General Fondazione Italia Digitale
Valeria Fazio, Board Member Italiacamp EMEA - Dubai Hub for Made in Italy, Senior Partner Miller Group & Board Member Next4
Maurizio Grifoni, Chairman Fondo Fon.Te

Moderated by Daniela Polizzi

5:00 pm Conversation "Let's move for a better world"
Nerio Alessandri, Founder and Chairman Technogym, dialogues with Giuseppe De Bellis, EVP - Sky TG24 editor-in-chief 

5:15 pm Keynote speech "The ethical challenges of artificial intelligence"
Mariarosaria Taddeo, Professor of Digital Ethics and Defence Technologies, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

5:30 pm Conversation "Innovating is not a word but a method"
Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, President Italo, Manifatture Sigaro Toscano and Fondazione Telethon, dialogues with Daniele Manca

5:45 pm Closing remarks: Daniele Manca

5:50 pm Closing remarks: Emotion Network


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